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Stamps & Stuff: Organizing a stamp room

    After weeks of watching videos and chatting with fellow crafters columnist Karen Whitmore learned something important: Organization is different for everyone. She also learned there are no hard and fast rules on how to organize. However, there were two repeated messages: 

    1. Don’t try to organize it all at once. That mess wasn’t made in a day and, chances are, it won’t get cleaned up in a day. 
    2. De-stashing is a necessity. When you look at your craft space, do you feel inspired and ready to create? Or is your crafting mojo buried under piles of untidiness?  

    Karen then goes on to share ways to sort and what to do after you sort. She then encourages us all to “go with the flow.”

    arbara Gibbons has a special area for coloring and correspondence in her mobile home.