You are warmly invited to submit artwork to RubberStampMadness for issue themes. See General Submissions for information on sending in non-theme artwork.


RSM Summer 208

HoHolidays 2020
(Issue #210) 
June 5, 2020
• Wish List or All I Want for Christmas
• Map Challenge
• Mandalas
Spring 2021
(Issue #210)
Sept 5, 2020
• Bird-Shape Challenge
• Architecture

We know it may seem a long time away, but it’s not too early to start thinking about “the most wonderful time of the year.” The first theme for Holidays 2020 is All I Want for Christmas. Don’t be afraid to let Santa know your deepest desires. A new car or job, love interest, or jeans without tears. An iPhone 11 Pro Max or a box of chocolates. Whatever tickles your fancy.

The second theme (if that wasn’t enough) is Maps. A map to the iPhone store? Sure, why not. Or maybe a map of Inner Earth, Star Wars realms, or Missoula, Montana. Any old (or new) map will do. Let your compass be your guide.

And there’s more—a third theme: Mandalas. According to Wikipedia, a mandala is a) a circle ornament which can be used as a relaxing tool or in art therapy; b) an aid to meditation; or c) a pattern that represents the cosmos meta-physically or symbolically. See page 43 in this issue to learn more about making mandalas.

June 5 is the postmark date for all three themes.

Looking further ahead, the first theme for Spring 2021 is Bird-Shaped Challenge. Tweet tweet. Get a diagram of your favorite bird—(here, in the West, we like Steller’s jays)—and decorate it with cool stamp images. See page 59 in the Summer issue for a bird shape and details about the theme. Click here for a pdf for that same information). The second theme is Architecture. Barns, cabins, high-rise buildings, and even the Taj Mahal are all fair game. Giant monuments are awesome, of course, and so are wigwams. Surprise us with your stamp art.

September 5 is the postmark date for both Spring themes.

Artists whose work is chosen for the cover receive $200. The person chosen as Best New Stamper receives a box of wood-mounted stamps (from six to 10) or a $50 gift certificate for the RSM Store. This award goes to a stamper whose work appears for the first time in RSM.

General Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions are not limited to themes. RSM welcomes artwork on any subject for feature stories and columns in each issue. Include your name, postal and email addresses, as well as stamp credits on the back of each submission.
  • Artwork submissions can be as large as 5×6.5-inches. Exceptions are made for dimensional and 3-D pieces. All submissions are subject to reduction.
  • Artwork is returned when accompanied by an SASE. Send up to four entries per theme, one SASE per theme.
  • When artwork is not returned right away, this means we’re considering it for a theme album, another spot in RSM, or our Facebook page. If you want your submission to be considered for the magazine only, please make a note of this on the back of your artwork.
  • Send submissions to RubberStampMadness, PO Box 610, Corvallis, OR 97339-0610 or 216 SW Madison Ave., Suite 17, Corvallis, OR 97333.
  • If you have 3D artwork or live outside the USA or prefer submitting by email, send 100 dpi jpegs to Please include stamp credits, your name, address, and phone number within the email.

Cover Submission Guidelines:

  1. 8.75×11.25-inches. This size assumes artwork fills the whole cover. There will be a trim of about 0.25-inches off each edge and the RSM logo will be added on top.
  2. 8.75×9.25-inches. This size fills the cover except for a 2-inch space at the top for the logo and information about the issue. Again, 0.25-inches will be trimmed off each edge.
  3. Avoid placing images in one of the bottom corners, where a pricing symbol is placed.

Thank you for sending RSM your stamp art.