Togetherness by Jennifer Mendoza

A cover-size piece of stamp art called “Togetherness” arrived in mid-May from Jennifer Mendoza. Jennifer modestly wrote: “It was fast and messy. I had to tell myself: Just send it!” We’re so glad she did.

Along with the man watching television in a recliner and the woman busy stamping, Jennifer included several other figures in her piece.

There’s a grandmother belting out a song; a teen-ager sitting in a stuffed chair with a laptop in her lap and a cat looking over her shoulder; a toddler in a monster costume (although he doesn’t scare anyone); two young girls; and a dog who’d been playing in the laundry basket and wound up with a pair of pink pajamas over his head.

Brightly colored, this artwork tells the story of people getting along—”Togetherness.”

Jennifer’s artwork showed up on a Facebook ad we ran for several weeks in June. You can find it on page 43 in the Fall issue.

Togetherness by Jennifer Mendoza.
(Stamp credits: Stamping woman—Art Impressions; horses on TV—Viva Las VegaStamps!; man watching TV—unknown.)