What does a stamper do when confronted with illness and fear? If you’re Rebecca Stiles, the answer is: Stamp. And that’s what Rebecca did when her sister-in law was diagnosed with cancer and spent many weeks in a hospital.

“During her time there, she liked to color in adult coloring books,” Rebecca recalls. “I asked if I could make her a coloring sheet with my stamps. What started as a simple idea became a forceful depiction of how I saw her battling the disease.” Rebecca gave this piece the title She is Fierce.

The need arose later to find a creative way to deal with her own illness. When Rebecca was diagnosed with cancer, she turned again to stamping to help face upcoming treatments. “I wanted to do a large piece and decided to do a mandala depicting things that meant something to me. It became a combination of what I need—courage, hope, peace—and what gives me joy. I’ve always liked the idea of mandala, or circular art, because the belief that art or religion is never-ending appeals to me.”

Courage, Hope, Peace has more stamps per square inch than just about any stamp art we’ve seen at RSM. Positive qualities and images fill this 20×20-inch mandala. Although Rebecca expected her mandala would take months to finish, it took shape quickly. Even the coloring, done with Radiant Pearls, was a smooth-going process.

Commenting on the process to make the mandala, Rebecca says: “Stamping definitely helped me through this time.” We can all take heart that what we stamp—for others and for ourselves—resonates and heals.

For more about the mandala and other artwork by Rebecca, see the story in the Summer issue. For details about a Mandala-Making Challenge set for the Holidays 2020 issue, click Submit Art.

Courage, Hope Peace by Rebecca Stiles