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    Stamping on Veggies

    Stamper AJ Vander Ende’s inspiration for genie stamping came from a food show she saw many years ago. The presenter cut off the bottom of a bunch of celery and dipped the rose-like shape into red food coloring—it became a floral accent decorating a vegetable tray.

    Determined to Rise / AJ Vander Ende

    Although AJ’s favorite thing to do with celery involves stuffing a stalk with peanut butter and eating it, she was motivated to make art instead. The peanut butter jar stayed in the pantry and Distress Oxide inks were hauled out in its place.

    The Oxide’s die and pigment formulation is water-reactive and turned out to work wonderfully with a variety of veggies. Yes, a variety—you didn’t really think AJ would stop with just celery, did you?

    Determined to Rise / AJ Vander Ende
    (Stamp credit—Technique Junkies.)