Mom's Bird

When we challenged readers to let their imaginations soar and either fill a bird shape or send in a piece with birds, we knew we’d receive high-flying artwork. So settle into your nest and enjoy the fine-feathered friend shown here. You will find more Bird-Shape Challenge artwork on the pages of the current issue.

Mom’s Birds was named in honor of Carolyn Osmond’s mother, who passed away the day after Christmas in 2019.

“She loved to watch birds, any birds, so I tried to include birds in my collage that had some sort of story or tie to Mom. She had parakeets; we once had an owl come down our chimney; peacocks lived on her brother’s street; she loved to watch the penguins when we went to zoos; and one of her favorite trips was to Haines, Alaska, to see eagles.”

“I stamped the birds in black dye ink on Kromekote glossy cardstock, colored them, and added borders around them with Shuttle Art markers. And I finally got smart and stamped each one three times in case I didn’t like the way they turned out the first or second time! Then I only had to cut around the borders and not worry about finicky feet and breakable beaks,” says this stamper.

Carolyn attached the images with Tombow permanent adhesive and cut off any parts that hung off the template. “Then I applied the black border around the template and sprayed it with three light layers of acrylic sealer gloss
finish, allowing drying time between layers.”

The finished piece was a bit too big to submit, so Carolyn had it copied at a smaller resolution. “This was a real labor of love and I’m so happy to be able to honor my Mom this way,” she says.

Mom’s Birds by Carolyn Osmond
(Stamp credits: Eagle head—Stampscapes; pheasant, penguin, parakeet, dove, hawk, parrot, peacock, spring robin—100 Proof Press; owl, duckling, wren—Inkadinkado; cardinal, sparrow, meadowlark—Hero Arts; gull—Toybox; turkey—Good Stamps•Stamp Goods.)