Faerie Ring Mandala by Kim Victoria

Artist Kim Victoria lives, stamps, and runs her very unique HighlanderCelticStamps.com business in Cedar City, Iowa. Her Faerie Ring Mandala [top section shown here] is a delightfully creative take on the traditional mandala art form. She has made many mandalas before, including some really large ones. For this one, instead of using typical symmetrical design elements, her creation enchants us with faeries, mushroom houses, and shining stars beaming down from a beautiful night sky.

Kim began by sketching her ideas on a 12×12-inch piece of scrap paper. She drew very light pencil lines from corner to corner and across the center from midpoints marked on the four sides of a 12×12-inch piece of Bristol cardstock. She then used a compass to locate the outer and inner rings needed for image placement. All images were stamped and embossed in black except for the stars, which were embossed in white. The coloring was done with pencils, including the night sky, which Kim says used up most of her dark blue and violet pencils.

The happy little fellows perched on cottage roofs were stamped separately and fussy-cut out. “Faeries exude their own light, like a firefly, so that’s why they have light around them in my mandala,” Kim says. All the other images were stamped directly on the cardstock.

“There really are fairy ring mushrooms,” Kim says. “We had one on our lawn when I was a child. These small mushrooms are perennials and they project their spores outward from the center of the ring, so every year the ring gets larger. I’ve read that there’s an ancient fairy ring of mushrooms around Stonehenge, although human traffic may have affected it.”

Faerie Ring Mandala by Kim Victoria
(Stamp credits: Center mushroom—MountainsideCrafts found on Etsy; all others—Highlander Celtic Rubber Stamps.)