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Life Is a Bowl of Cherries 

    Life Is a Bowl of Cherries (and Stamped Stuff) You’re Fintastic

    Fish-filled bowls accompanied by curious feline spectators is a popular theme. In this scene by Patricia Walsh, a black cat eyes the fish in the middle bowl. 

    You’re Fintastic Pat Walsh

          The large fishbowl was stamped twice. After stamping the fish inside the left-side bowl, Patricia turned to her Stampendous Mirror Stamping plate to stamp a second identical fish in reverse. The cat looking into the small fishbowl is a single image and was stamped between the two fishbowls. 

    “The cat looks a little cross-eyed, and it could be a Siamese,” Pat says. “It reminds me of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp movie with Cleo the goldfish and two Siamese cats. This cat definitely wants Cleo for dinner!”

    You’re Fintastic / Pat Walsh
    (Stamp credits: Cat and fishbowl—Delafield Stamp Company; fish, large fishbowl, sentiment—Lawn Fawn; leaves—Art Impressions.)