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Horsing Around

    Safe in the Woods

    Artistic inspiration can come from many sources and local history can provide interesting springboards to creativity. The plan behind Elizabeth Hart’s Safe in the Woods was to highlight the horses in a wooded environment. Elizabeth lives in Aiken, South Carolina, where thoroughbred horses are trained. 

    Safe in the Woods by Elizabeth Hart

    “The legendary racehorse Secretariat was trained here. The wooded area in my layout reminds me of Hitchcock Woods located in Aiken, which is one of the largest urban forests in the nation. There are numerous equestrian events held there,” Elizabeth explains.

    Elizabeth stamped both horses, then masked the animals before adding trees and the sky with shafts of light shining through. All coloring was done with watercolors and Copic markers.

    Safe in the Woods / Elizabeth Hart
    (Stamp credits: All—Peddlers Den / Makin’ A Scene.)