Memories of the Holidays fill our lives throughout the season. In the Holiday Memories theme section, found on pages 32 to 39 in the issue, stampers share joyful recollections involving building a snowman, hot cocoa, decorating a tree, waiting for Santa, and receiving a special gift.

Nancy Kirk’s Cup of Good Cheer recalls her childhood spent in Connecticut. “Hot cocoa was a staple in our house during the cold winter. At that time, there was no pre-mix cocoa where you just add hot water. Oh no—we did it the right way! We warmed up whole milk in a pan on the stove top and added cocoa mix,” she says, “And everyone had that red plaid thermos with the tan top!”

This specific image appealed to Nancy because of the charming details and the nostalgic thermos. When it comes to coloring, Nancy enjoys using Copic markers—she feels they blend well. She admits Copics do have a learning curve and the only solution is to keep practicing! Her method is to select light, medium, and dark shades of the same color. She then begins blending with the lightest shade. She also recommends doing a few practice colorings in search of the right blends.

One of the most realistic elements in Nancy’s card involves shading at the bottom of the image. This isn’t difficult to do and “grounds” the image. She encourages stampers to try this simple way of providing better perspective. Her method is to pencil in a light horizontal line and then use a few grey Copic markers to add the grounding. As for shading, darker coloring on the edges of images gives more shape to them and prevents them from looking flat and one-dimensional.

Cup of Good Cheer by Nancy Kirk.
(Stamp credits: All—Power Poppy.)