Dancing in the Moonlight by Jackie Grace

Jackie Grace’s stamping style developed over several years. She was chosen as the Best New Stamper for Issue 190, Holidays 2015. Her stamp art was on the cover of the Issue 202, the Holidays 2018 issue. In the current Spring 2021 issue, she shares ways to help you find your own stamping style, too.

Jackie wrote: Most people recognize the styles of famous artists: Michelangelo’s breathtaking and realistic statues; Renoir’s colorful impressionist crowds of people having fun; Grandma Moses’ bright Americana primitives; Andy Warhol’s bold portraits of Marilyn, Elvis and himself; Frida Kahlo’s strong, but vulnerable uni-browed self-portraits; and Charles Schultz’s Peanuts cartoon characters. But how do we pin down our own, personal rubber stamping style?

Three steps she suggests stampers work on are:
• In the beginning—copy someone else
• After a while—look for new art in all the right places
• Final step—focus on your weaknesses and strengths

Each step is described in detail in her article. Jackie’s story also includes illustrations, showing her current, colorful and lively stamping style.

Dancing in the Moonlight by Jackie Grace
(Stamp credits: Dancing foxes—100 Proof Press; moon—Sutter Stamps; wood scene (two parts)—De Stempelwinkel.)