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Fantasy Lane

    A Mermaid’s Tale

    Fairies, mermaids, gnomes, and even a rabbit robot have been sighted in Rubber Stamp Land. You’re invited to take a colorful trip down Fantasy Lane in the Summer issue.

    “Missing You” by Nicole Camp shows the stamper’s careful attention to detail. For example, by using lighter and darker tones of blue for the water, she gives the impression of depth, as well as movement. Some of the ripple lines are part of the water stamp, while others were drawn in with a fine-point Sharpie. Nicole also added lines to the rock the mermaid is sitting on.

    Three different shades of blue can be found on the sky, water, and the man’s jeans. This variety adds interest, but does not compete with the mermaid as the focal point—and she does draw our attention.

    Missing You / Nicole Camp
    Missing You / Nicole Camp
    (Stamp credits: Man in boat, boat, “dropping you a line”—Penny Black; mermaid on rock, rock, “while missing you,” clouds, birds—Stampendous.)