America the Beautiful Article

This theme section gathers together the work of stamp artists with both literal and imaginary scenes and landscapes representing their conceptions of America the Beautiful. Scenes and cards range from a patriotic love of country to the majesty of nature, traveling back in time or rooted firmly in the moment. Tickets are free—enjoy the ride!

Rebecca Stiles takes us back in time to a charming scene, likely the 4th of July, where people are gathering with their flags to watch a parade. “This was a piece I did for [the rubber stamp company] Stubby Stampers,” she tells us, “and I was required to use only their stamps. They have a nice line of Victorian scenic elements, so I went with that.”

“The woman on the left came with the flag. I added a flag to the other two. The little girl was holding a doll, so after I inked that stamp, I put a piece of clear tape over the doll on the stamp so that when I stamped the image on the paper, the doll was missing.” She placed the smaller flag in the girl’s hand, “then used the same small flag stamp in the hand of the woman on the right.”

Rebecca was just as crafty in creating the illusion of many trees. “The house on the left is the same stamp as the house on the right. That stamp has two rounded trees as part of the stamp. The center white house has one tree on the left. The Victorian house stamp has no trees.” The extra trees came from a different stamp, “as well as by stamping just rounded trees from the house stamp on the left. These were added using simple masking techniques.”

Rebecca, who lives in Springville, Utah, says she doesn’t go to parades anymore, but she’s loved the many parades she attended in the past, “including Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the queen of all parades.” Her stamp art appears on page 48 in the current issue.

Waiting for the Parade by Rebecca Stiles. (Stamp credits: All—Jambalaya’s Stubby Stampers.)