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African Adventure

    Rains Down in Africa

    With safaris in nine national parks, vast savannas, and majestic vistas, Africa has a reputation as the best continent for viewing wildlife. 

    This scene with an elephant and dramatic sunset was inspired by the 1982 song “Africa” by Toto. “I began by drawing wavy lines in light pencil to form the ground, making sure I had enough space for the tree silhouette and elephant,” explains artist Aimee Eliason, who lives in Overijse, Belgium. After masking the sun and elephant, she created the sky with orange pigment ink and a make-up sponge.  “The three drops in the sky represent the minimal rain Africa sees. Since the song lyrics specifically mention rain, I felt that should be part of the scene.” 

    Rains Down in Africa / Aimee Eliason
    Rains Down in Africa / Aimee Eliason
    (Stamp credits: Tree—Practical Publishing; elephant—unknown.)