House on the Hill by Lynette Etzel looks like it would be a fabulous place to live! As long as someone else does the maintenance and housework, that is. Failing that, we can at least enjoy the beautiful building and daydream about living there.

Lynette used some interesting techniques to produce this lovely piece. She has a pragmatic way to include images she doesn’t actually own in her artwork! By attending stamping retreats, she can borrow various stamps and compose layouts with a variety of materials available at the retreats. Along with other stamped elements on her card, this particular house image caught her eye, and she simply sat down and started creating.

Lynette’s usual method for planning a scene is to first reach for scratch paper. For this layout, she knew masking was needed in order to add elements behind the house. For her incredible sky treatment, Lynette used an air compressor with a Copic Sketch attachment to airbrush the sky and foreground areas. “I learned this technique from a Stampscapes group retreat I attended in Illinois,” she explains.

In order to make the skillfully executed clouds, she uses Dr. Ph. Martin’s bleed-proof white ink which is applied with Q-tips and paint brushes. For any added subtle highlights, Lynette may add dye inks and even white pigment inks on top of the Dr. Ph. Martin’s.

House on the Hill by Lynette Etzel
(Stamp credits: Small trees—Stampscapes; sand—Sutter Stamps; flowers—B & J Art Stamps; all others—unknown.)