flowersElephants and stampers never
forget how much fun it is to
read RSM in print and online.
Advertise with us in 2014.

RubberStampMadness was started in 1979 and we’ve been stamping ever since. Like elephants we have good memories and never forget to treat our advertisers and readers with care and respect. We are here to serve you with a print magazine and online presence that meets today’s needs and interests of the stamping community.

Contact: Angela Schwindt
Phone: (877) STAMPMA (782-6762) or (541) 752-0075
Mail: PO Box 610, Corvallis, OR 97339
UPS/FedEx: 216 SW Madison Ave, Ste. 17, Corvallis, OR 97333

Display Advertising B&W

Black-and-white 1x 4x
Full Page 875 800
1/2 Page 475 425
1/3 Page 375 325
1/4 Page 300 275
1/6 Page 200 180
1/12 Page 140 100
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Display Advertising Color

Color 1x 4x
Full Page 975 875
1/2 Page 525 475
1/3 Page 425 375
1/4 Page 350 300
1/6 Page 250 200
1/12 Page 165 130
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Online Stamping Resources

Magazine ads in Spring and Fall Issues

Option 1 — Size A magazine ads, plus
1 year website ad: $165
Option 2 — Size B magazine ads, plus
1 year website ad: $185
Option 3 — Two magazine ads (A or B), plus 1 yr alphabetical text link on website: $80

Store Lists

Listings with a store’s address, hours, and contact info appears within Holidays and Summer issues.

Listing in RSM
One issue 40    Both Issues 70

Includes text link on Store Page.
(10% discount when carrying RSM in store.)

Display Classifieds Ads

Dimensions 1x 4x
1.5 x 3 (v) 85 70
3 x 1.5(h) 85 70
1.5 x 2 (v) 65 55
Black-and-white, within RSM Bulletin Board. Word Classifieds $1.75 per word.


Website Ads

Website Banner:165 x 94 pixels, $120 per year, pro-rated

Home Page: 250 x 130 pixels, $120 for six months

Store Page or How-To-Page: 165 x 300 pixels, $65 for six months, $120 for a year


display sizes

Editorial Information and Ad Due Dates
Issue Themes and features Reservations Due Materials Due On Sale Date
Dreams, Dogs Nov. 25 Dec. 10 Feb. 4
Music, Jewelry Feb. 25 Mar. 10 May 6
Ghosts, Collage May 27 June 10 Aug. 5
There's SNOW time like the Holidays, Fabric Stamping Aug. 26 Sept. 10 Nov. 4
Themes are subject to change. Themes and features for each issue, as well as informationon advertising specials will be sent via
e-mail well before due dates.

Why Advertise?

Good question. Here are some answers:
RSM is a “niche” magazine that’s all about stamping. Readers of RSM are actively looking for companies who sells goods and services related to their hobby—companies like yours. Besides reading their own copies, our “pass-along” rate is very high. Stampers share! Plus readers tell us they hang on to their issues for years. Your ad keeps on working!

To keep stampers connected to you our website features Online Resource Listings,
an up-to-date Convention page, and a Store List page. We also provide How-to pages
with plenty of ideas and techniques, information on having Custom Stamps made and galleriesof artwork. From our site, visitors can see advertisers are just a click away.

PERKS: Should you have news to report about your company, just tell us and we’ll tell others, either through our Facebook page or In the Spotlight and Short Takes columns. Companies with ads 1/3 page or more receive free online resource listings.

Media Checklist
  • Color ad: CMYK TIFF, EPS or PDF at 300 dpi.
  • Gray-scale or half-tone ad: TIFF, EPS or PDF at 300 dpi.
  • Black-and-white ad: TIFF, EPS or PDF at 800 to 1200 dpi.
  • Large ads can be placed on our FTP site. Call or e-mail for details.
Shipping and Mailing

Things to Remember:

  • Via e-mail send to or
    Attach as Tiff or PDF file.
  • Via USPS send to: RSM, PO Box 610, Corvallis, OR 97339-0610
  • Via delivery service send to: RSM, 216 SW Madison Ave., Ste. 17,
    Corvallis, OR 97333
  • Questions, call (877) STAMPMA (782-6762) or (541) 752-0075.
  • Contact us if you’d like to participate in magazine or online advertising.OR 97333.
  • We’re here to serve you!

Stamped tile artwork by Carol-Suzanne Crown to appear in the Fall 2014 issue.
Other work by Carol-Suzanne will be showcased in RSM’s Spring and Summer issues.