RubberStampMadness is the original stamping magazine. Published four times a year, each issue features stamp-related themes, stories about stamping techniques, tips from expert stampers and plenty of ideas for stampers.

The staff at RubberStampMadness love what they do! They make sure each issue of RSM includes helpful and fun ideas, as well as great stamped artwork. Inspiration and creativity are their middle names. 

Meet the staff: 



Roberta Sperling/Rubberta Stampling was thrilled to take over the rubber reins and become editor of RSM in 1982. Four hundred stamps were part of the deal with the original owner/editor. Some of these remain in her current collection and find use on cards and artwork. Time doesn't change rubber, and Rubberta still finds plenty to get excited about in each new issue of RubberStampMadness








Angela Schwindt contacted RSM's owners in 1991, just before they moved from Ithaca to Corvallis. Born in Oregon and an avid stamper, she welcomed the magazine to her community. After occasionally submitting artwork, writing articles and tending the RSM convention booth, she was hired as Advertising Representative in 2004. Angela considers working at RSM her "dream job" and rides her unicycle several blocks to work each day.







Kendra Gillman, has been with RSM since 2009 and works part time in circulation. She loves to carve her own rubber stamps and enjoys making cards and scrapbooking. Kendra's hobbies include: knitting, dog agility and animal training, unicycle hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, letterboxing and most any kind of crafting. She loves that her part time work allows her to spend time at her hobbies and with her husband, Cody and their dog, Onyx.









Michael Malan started collecting rubber stamps before he even knew about RubberStampMadness. Their graphic potential intrigued him and his envelopes have never been the same since then. Along with art, Michael has a strong interest in poetry. Along with writing his own poems, in 2009 he and Peter Sears, a former RSM employee, started Cloudbank, a magazine of contemporary writing. The biannual magazine features rubber-stamped artwork on the cover, with short prose, poetry and reviews inside. 





Bill Gilbert


Susan Salveson, a Renaissance woman of many talents, handles billing for all the companies advertising in RSM, as well as stores carrying copies of the magazine. Susan also takes care of mail coming in and going out. She is a videographer, too, specializing in documentation of yoga classes and other instructional settings.





Staff writers at RubberStampMadness include Christina Hecht, Kay Young, Jackie Shenise, Karen Sweeny-Justice, Melanie King, Lisa Miller and Sue Speck.

christina hechtkay young jackie shenisekaren sweeny jusicemelanie kingLisa Miller

Sue Speck


A Little Rubber History

RSM's history goes back to 1978 and the publication of the book, The Rubber Stamp Album by Joni K. Miller and Lowry Thompson. In 1980, Lowry launched RubberStampMadness from her home in New Caanan, Connecticut. Two years later, she sold the magazine (at that time in a 20-page newspaper format) to Roberta Sperling and Michael Malan. Lowry dubbed the new editor, Rubberta Stampling, and the name has stuck.

Since 1982, over 175 issues of RSM have been published, first from Ithaca, New York, and now from Corvallis, Oregon. The newsprint format morphed into a glossy magazine format, with artwork in full color. Two rubber stamp art books have been published along the way. First The RubberStampMadness Album of Art, next The RubberStampMadness Album of Scenic Art.

Our goal—since the very first issue—is to provide a creative forum and a helpful resource for rubber stampers worldwide.

Many stampers have made friends through the pages of RSM, and we count many friends among our readers and advertisers.